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Download  Gilchrist, S. (2019) “Issues of Gender and Sexuality from Trans Perspectives: Science, History and the Traditional Teaching on Gender and Sexual Variation in the Christian Church”: Euro Forum of LGBTI Christian Groups 26-27 June 2019 “It’s My Life!’ Trans Pre-Conference 2019 University of Kent at Canterbury: Session 3:


Download  Gilchrist, S. (2018) “Science, History and the Traditional Teaching on Gender and Sexual Variation in the Christian Church” 


Download  Gilchrist, Susan. (2017): "One Church, One Faith, One Lord: Marriage, Sex and Gender" Sibyls Hilfield Weekend 22-24 September 2017 . For the associated paper see: Gilchrist, Susan. (2017): "Marriage, Sex and Gender"   Download  


Download  Gilchrist, Susan. (2016):  "An Overview of Science and Theology in Gender and Sexual Variation and Its Impact on the Christian Church" Durham University:  Royal College of Psychiatrists Conference on Science and Theology in Human Sexuality  19th September 2016 to 20th September 2016 at St. John's College, Durham University: For a more extended version go to:    Download  


Download  Gilchrist, Susan. (2016): "Deuteronomy 22:5 and Its Impact On Gender And Sexual Variation In The Christian Church": Twilight People: Trans & Faith Symposium Thursday 5 May 2016. University of Warwick. .

For the accompanying paper see:     Download  


Download  Gilchrist, Susan. (2015): "A Path of My Own": Person Centred Care and Support: NHS Transgender and Non-binary Symposium 30 June 2015 .  For the Symposium Report see:    Download  


Download  Gilchrist, Susan and  Beardsley, Tina. (2014): A Presentation for The Workshop: Love’s constancy & legal niceties: transgendered perspectives on marriage Led by Tina Beardsley & Susan Gilchrist‘ To Have and To Hold – the theology of marriage’, held on Saturday 27th September 2014 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. at St John’s Church, Waterloo, London. . For the accompanying paper see:   Download  


Download  Gilchrist, Susan. (2013): "Gender and Sexuality, A Transgender Experience”: Presentation to the LGCM Annual Conference: 20 April 2013:


Gilchrist, Susan. (2013): "Gender Varying Faith: exploring gender variance, identity and religious belief". CSCS Annual Conference:  16 February 2013


Download  Gilchrist, Susan. (2013):”Searching for Self”: Corrymeela Presentation: 13 January 2013: : Restricted access.


Download  Gilchrist, Susan. (2012): "A Review of the Sibyls and its Current Role.": A presentation for an Inclusive Church Partnership Day: 28 January 2012: 


Download  Gilchrist, Susan. (2011):"Sibyls Outreach Presentation”: Whaley Hall 20 May 2011:


Gilchrist, Susan. (2011): “LGB and T People: Labels and Faith”. This account was prepared following a joint presentation given by Susan Gilchrist and Christina Beardsley at the Spectrum Annual Conference in the Fairfield Halls Croydon on the 8th February 2011. For the associated paper see:   Download  




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