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Gilchrist, S. (2022): “What Celtic Christianity and the Ancient Church of the East Can Tell us about Christian Attitudes to Women and LGBTI Relationships”:


Gilchrist, S. (2023): “Jesus and Women”:  


Gilchrist, S. (****): “East and West: A Comparison of How the Apostles Interpreted the Gospel Message in Roman and Persian Cultures”:


Gilchrist, S. (****): “The Gospel of Thomas: Its Origins and the Consequences for Understandings of Theology, Gender and Sex in the Christian Church”:


Gilchrist, S: (2023): “Power and Sex in Christian Traditions”:  


Gilchrist, S. (****): “Trashing the Economy, Transgender Identities, and Human Rights”:  


Gilchrist, S. (****): “Christian Attitudes to Gender and Sexuality before and after the First Millennium in relation to Feminist Perceptions: ATransformation in Approach”


Download  Gilchrist, S. (2017): "The Impact of Neuroscience and Psychology on the Traditional Teaching on Gender and Sexual Variation as Defined by the Christian Church":


Download  Gilchrist, S. (2017): "Disagreements between Science and Theology in the Understanding of Gender and Sexually Variant Identities and Behaviour":


Download  Gilchrist, S. (2015a): “Personality Development and Gender: Why We Should Re-think the Process”: [Updating]:


Download  Gilchrist, S. (2013f): “From Gender Transcendence to Gender Complementarity: the Development of Attitudes to Gender and Sexuality in the Early and the Modern Church”: [Under Revision]:  *


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Susan Gilchrist 20 August 2015